MOHA Press Release

2021. 04. 20.

We regret to inform you that the Foundation for Hungarian Oncohaematological Patients (MOHA) will cease its activities after seven years of operation due to a lack of funds and the foundation will be liquidated without a legal successor.

The aim of MOHA was to support adult blood cancer patients, to provide mental health care and authentic information for them and to practice patient advocacy activities in Hungary. We considered it important to increase the level of health literacy of patients, to strengthen the trust in evidence-based medicine and to support a doctor-patient relationship based on trust.

The main reason for not continuing our work is the lack of funds. There was no money for operation purposes, so we decided to cease the foundation. During the last seven years, we were unable to find a secure source of financial support that could have been able to provide the operation costs of MOHA. We did not find an appropriate financial model for self-preservation, and also the COVID-19 pandemic has worsened our situation. We have made many personal sacrifices for the foundation that we can no longer afford. We were continuously searching for financial resources during the last couple of years and we were regularly asking for the financial support of individual persons and we also organized a fundraising campaign but we were unable to reach the desired results.

We would like to thank everyone, including the health care professionals with whom we have worked with, our sponsors, the umbrella organizations, our partners and all our volunteers who have supported our activities in any way.

We believe that our work was not useless and we have successfully helped a lot of patients.

MOHA Board